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Released every year, a group of professors at the University of Guelph forecast food trends for the coming year. 

Trends Report 2018

Food is increasingly in the day-to-day consciousness of Canadians. Consumers are hearing more about food in the media and in the broader conversation. They are also seeking more information about their food – where and how it’s produced. Researchers from the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics at the University of Guelph, in conjunction with researchers from the university’s School of Hospitality, Food, and Tourism Management have developed this overview of key issues that can be expected to shape the broader food discussion in 2018.

Trends Report 2019

From the latest must-have ingredient to taste-expanding fusions to unexpected shortages caused by climate change, food is constantly finding its way into the consciousness of Canadians. It's in our news feeds, on our TVs and, more and more, part of our day-to-day conversations. But how do we separate the truth from the lies, the ephemeral from the soon-to-be every day, the next charcoal fad from the rise of the avocado? We've looked into our culinary crystal ball and identified the 6 key trends that will be on the menu for 2019.


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