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is intended to provide an opportunity for conversations and perspectives on issues of interest in the food system.

Content curated by Professor Michael von Massow, OAC Chair in Food Systems Leadership at the Food, Agricultural, and Resource Economics Department, University of Guelph

Vegan Burger

DISCUSSING topics of interest across the agri-food system.

Tractor at Work

CHALLENGING and expressing different ideas around food.

Cooking Eggs

LEARNING about the current state of affairs and the future of food.


A Look Back to Better Understand the Future of Animal Agriculture

Technology is advancing at an amazing rate.  You might not think that looking at the history of animal agriculture would provide much insight into how we might think about gene editing and other technology in the future.  Mike's guest this episode, Will Wright, an animal historian at Augustana University, asserts that there is much to learn from the past.  He makes a strong case as he explains the development of animal agriculture from pastoral days up to today and helps us understand how we think about animal agriculture and how we might frame discussions about technology in the future.

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